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getting stuff done

Any firm can say that they make a real difference for their clients; we’d rather let Lisa’s record speak for itself. Here are just a few of our favorite examples:

  • Earned “Pollster of the Year” status in 2019 for being the lead strategist helping to elect Democrat Kyrsten Sinema to the US Senate.


  • Credited with changing the hearts and minds of Americans on marriage equality.  Helped draft President Obama’s change of heart on the issue.


  • Collected and synthesized information from numerous Pulama Lanai departments to create the first-ever sustainability progress report detailing the considerable and impressive amount of work done on Lanai in six short years.


  • Grove Insight was called “one of the three most accurate pollsters in the country” for its work to help re-elect Barack Obama.  She was also responsible for successfully increasing the margin among Independent women across battleground states, helping to assure his second term. 


  • Strategic architect on huge, come-from-behind wins, including the re-election of Governor David Ige in Hawaii who was more than 20 points down eight weeks from election day. 


  • Helped to secure USDA inspection and certification for the operation of a mobile processing unit on Lanai to address its biological surplus of deer, allowing for local restaurants and stores to serve and sell venison.  She is “HACCP plan certified” (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), helping to write all of the necessary protocols and procedures for this effort. 


  • Turning maps blue.  Helped defeat entrenched Republican Members of Congress all over the country.  Perhaps her favorite was knocking off California Congressman Brian Bilbray twice in two different districts.


  • Lending a helping hand.  Grove has successfully written numerous grants for Lanai, ranging from Hawaiian immersion summer programs for island youth, to home care support for our kupuna (elderly) among others.  Trained in FEMA incident command, she also helped Lanai open its first-ever Red Cross sanctioned emergency pet shelter on the island.

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