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areas of expertise

  • Strategic communications

  • Data analysis: finding and connecting dots that others may miss

  • Project Management

  • Cracking the code on big issues               

    • Marriage equality and transgender protection

    • Environmental justice

    • Workers’ rights

    • Reproductive freedom and women’s health

    • Many more...

  • Message trainer, mentor and coach – identifying and developing strengths that individuals may not see in themselves; training and supporting.

  • Deep data and message dives

  • Figuring stuff out, including “never done before” items.

  • Strong writing skills ranging from persuasive statements to published articles to complicated proposals and grants. 

  • Ability to distill complex information and data into a more user-friendly format, teasing out and synthesizing the most important elements, key findings

  • Facilitation and strategic planning

  • Supporting foundation and nonprofits to move the dial on their issues and make wise use of scarce resources.

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