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Getting meaningful stuff done

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For the right reasons

For Lisa Grove and Grove Insight, it’s always been about more than just numbers.  It’s about people.  And our planet.

It’s also about values.  Justice.  Freedom.  Equality. Sustainability.  Legacy.  In Hawaii we value kuleana, aina, and aloha.

Lisa has spent her career serving as a change agent at the national, state, and local level, including here in her home state of Hawaii.  She brings unique insight to opinion research and other data that consistently brings victories for her clients, including untangling some of the most difficult social and political issues of the last two decades.


Lisa takes a strategic approach to political, nonprofit and advocacy communications.  And her relentless nature and keen intellect give her an uncanny ability to solve problems as a project manager, consultant or volunteer.

Asking the right questions.  Listening.  Finding common ground.  Developing a winning path forward. 

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